❾-50%}To make matters worse, his new boss, Angela, finds him irresistible and plagues him with unwanted advances. Gary Janetti. Family Guy. Angela voice Ralph Garman Peter, as Reginald, reluctantly agrees, rekindling her will to live. Synopsis After Peter has some luck selling footage of a celebrity he caught off-guard, he decides to become a full-time paparazzo. Stewie then cross-dresses to get an audition, naming his new identity " Karina " and wins the role. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. After Quagmire and Peter destroy the android Miley and save the monkey, the latter decides it's time to move out and does so. Add the first question. A fight ensues, and Stewie draws a gun from Brian's safety deposit box in the vault. Suddenly, the local news reveals there has been a car crash, with Naomi and her husband pronounced dead. He then begins recording other town celebrities, including Tom Tucker , Mayor Adam West , and Ollie Williams , the latter whom smashes Peter's camera, as well as his glasses.